Four integrated features previously only found separately.


Dear collector, what are you looking for?

  • Are you looking for catalogs of classical music by a specific composer such as Bach, Mozart, Schubert or perhaps a less well known composer such as Ives? Well, there are music encyclopedias and web sites where you can find them.
  • Are you looking for catalogs of recordings? There are plenty of them: record labels and distributors usually put out one per year, and there are independent book publishers that publish lists of all the recordings available for a given country or year. Moreover, many of them can be found in the Internet.
  • Are you looking for catalogs of music performances? Here things become a little more difficult, but you can find a list of all the existing performances of a given work in specialized books or websites, but they are generally devoted to a single author.
  • Are you looking for a software program that lets you catalog your disc collection? You can count them by the dozens, though few of them are appropriate for managing classical music, no matter what their marketing slogans say.


  • CMC allows you to gather all your information into a single data source.
  • CMC is not a static data source – as are many web sites – but a dynamic database so you can search using many search parameters, without limiting yourself to only one composer, one record label or one musical work. You can also search for albums that may be in your collection or not.
  • CMC is a database specifically designed for classical music.
  • CMC also offers an unprecedented feature: you can “quantify” recorded music and extract statistics and reports.