A comprehensive tool for the most demanding collector

CMC provides some features that make both entering and consulting data easier: these are some examples.


Use the Wizard as a quick way to enter all the data contained in an album. Data is gathered together without needing to be looked for more than once. It also allows you to save the data in a provisional state and continue with the task later.



Schubert has six different songs named Sehnsucht in his catalog. Not only can they be found by their title, but also which ones are in the collection and which ones are not, can be determined immediately.


The Short Name lets you identify Works and Performances in a short way, linking the needed fields together.


Using the clipboard to copy and paste records makes it easier to enter data. In this example the goal is to change only one field, the Recording Year. You can select the original record and paste it into a new one. Then you only have to change that field.