Are you interested in the product? You can:

  • Give your opinion about the current version.
  • Propose enhancements or new features for future versions.
  • Submit your questions.
  • Submit any errors that you may find related to the program, the setup process, the documentation, the translation or anything else.

Do you adhere to free software philosophy? You can:

  • If you have any knowledge of software programming (Visual Basic.NET, Transact SQL, Crystal Reports) or in designing, help to directly improve the program and share your changes with the whole community (see the GNU Public License Terms and Conditions).
  • Help translate it to other languages.
  • Improve the project documentation.

Would you like to support further development of the project? You can:

  • Promote it on the Internet, specially amongst collectors and classical music professionals.
  • Link to on your own website. This helps the program to be more widely known and improves its positioning with some search engines.
  • Help to economically support the project by making a donation.

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