The Author and the Project

Hi classical music lovers!

I’m an Information Technology analyst and developer from Barcelona (Spain) with a handful of years of experience in this field, including a variety of working scenarios: I have been a freelance developer for years, I have also worked as an employee for big and small corporations, I have made software on my own and formed part of big, hierarchically organized workgroups, I have been fortunate enough to work on ambitious, high-tech projects, but have also experienced the dread of working on those, you know, other kinds of projects, the ones that are routine and never-ending. Well, that’s the work life after all, and I am happy to say that I love my profession!

Sure, work is a necessity and sometimes a pleasure. But what about enjoying the rest of your time? That’s where classical music occupies a big place in my life. Let me say it in few words: I am crazy about it! For about twenty five years I have been collecting this kind of music in all the media available: cassette (do you remember?), vinyl record, CD, DVD, and lately in digital formats. I’m not a compulsive buyer, so my collection has not surpassed 1,500 units yet.

Yet this is enough to contain a huge amount of information that I knew I wanted to categorize from the very beginning. It was around the early 90’s when I went to a kiosk and bought a very cheap software program with a simple format developed for the old DOS Operating System (do you remember?). Needless to say, the program was created to manage modern music, and it was completely inadequate for classical collections. It was thanks to my programming skills that I was able to adapt and extend its functionality to something that might be considered acceptable for my needs.

So I thought, “Gabriel, you better make your own software”, but… you know, when you are working eight hours a day you are not in the mood to continue programming at home.

Twenty years later the idea has come back to my mind. It’s unbelievable that now, in the information era, there still isn’t any program on the market fully able to manage classical music collections. So I thought, “Why not act upon your old intention and make that software yourself? And why not share it with the Internet community?” So, crazy as I am, I decided to put my two passions together (computing and music) and I stopped working on any other jobs or projects for a while in order to invest my time and effort in creating the program that I always had in mind.

And, finally, here it is! Surely this is the first version of what I hope will be a “work in progress”, and that’s why I must ask you classical music lovers for your help in order to obtain the product we’ve always been looking for. So any feedback, new ideas, information, and perhaps professional skills and knowledge will be welcome.

Well, that’s the whole story. I sincerely hope that I have created something useful for all of us, and if not, it’s been worth trying!




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